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Since 1986, Menatti has produced Prosciutto Crudo, the most typical of the Italian cured meat, obtained from the dry salting of the pork leg and from a special aging process that takes place in specific microclimates. Prosciutto Crudo is a charcuterie product with a sweet and refined flavor, and a dish with low calorie content and an intense flavor. For the production of Prosciutto Crudo of which Menatti makes various types, we use selected top-quality pork legs that get salted. Its processing, which is still done mostly manually, consists in massaging the pork leg with salt. After some time, the leg is washed, brushed, dried at a temperature (below 15°C), and then stored in temperature-controlled places from 8 to 24 months, during which the aging process takes place. During this period, the ham’s bare parts are also covered with a mixture of pork fat, salt and pepper, to prevent the ham from drying too quickly. The aging methods and the exposure to the air drafts of the storage place determine the peculiar characteristics of each type of Prosciutto.

  • 100% meat from selected farms
  • Gluten-free
  • No preservatives added