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Menatti has always produced Bresaola della Valtellina using top quality beef cuts, adding salt and spices, and ageing the product in the historical facility located in Piantedo (SO), at the mouth of the valley. Bresaola is a typical product of Valtellina, obtained from fine beef leg cuts (top sirloin coulotte, silverside and eye of round); cured lean meat, bright red, with a delicate fragrance and a unique flavor, slightly salty, aged and preserved in the dry and favorable climate of Valtellina. The Bresaola production requires a simple and natural transformation process, where modern technologies combine with the skillful art that is the child of handcraft and experience. Bresaola is a very ancient product with a unique flavor. Its high digestibility and correct share of calories, combined with the almost total absence of fat, make this product suited for all ages: children, adults and elderly can eat Bresaola as an appetizer or use it as an ingredient of refined first and second courses.

  • 100% meat from selected farms
  • Gluten-free
  • No milk byproducts