Panoramica del Salumificio Menatti in Valtellina

In the province of Sondrio

Valtellina’s first cured meat factory

Our history

Over 40 years of experience

Salumificio Menatti has found the right combination between craftsmanship and innovation that the founder, Lorenzo Menatti, and his collaborators proudly carry on in their quality of fine connoisseurs of the Valtellina tradition. Passion, perseverance and love for the art of the charcuterie, have pushed Lorenzo Menatti to learn the secrets of the Valtellina tradition when he was young and, in a few years, he turned the small craftsman’s shop, open in 1978, into an industrial plant specialized in the processing and production of charcuterie, using mainly pork and beef meat.

The production facilities enjoy the cool mountain climate of the low Valtellina, in a scenery of unsurpassable beauty, where the Valchiavenna meets the Lake of Como, a climate suited for the perfect aging of our products.

Besides conquering a significant portion of the Italian market with its genuine and well-balanced products, the Salumificio Menatti history tells of a success determined by our constant commitment to improve all aspects related to quality.


Produttori di Bresaola di prima qualità in Valtellina
Produzione storica di Bresaola in Valtellina

In the provinces of Sondrio and Parma

Our production plants

The Salumificio Menatti plants produce genuine and nutritionally balanced food, confirming its leadership in the art of the charcuterie destined to Italian and foreign tables. The original premises were open in 1992 with registered office in Piantedo (SO), turning the initial small plant founded by Lorenzo Menatti in 1978 into an industrial facility for the processing and sale of certified charcuterie. Extending over an area of approx. 28,000 m2, this plant has rooms destined to the various production stages and to the aging of the finished products. Salumificio Menatti has also a second plant purchased in 1986, the Prosciuttificio Cerreto Srl in Felino (PR), especially known for the production of Prosciutto Crudo.


We produce certified cured meats

To enhance the peculiar characteristics of goodness and genuineness respecting in full the local tradition, Menatti makes significant investments in the production of certified charcuterie. The certified quality is obtained by upgrading and developing the processing systems of all stages, in compliance with some fundamental rules such as the use of quality raw material, the skillful dosage of the flavors, and the scrupulous compliance with health and hygiene standards. To bring to the tables of the Italians the excellence of certified cured meats, Menatti selects products with an intense flavor, a natural color and a correct size of the cut: these requisites are decisive in the sensorial evaluation that awards the production of the Valtellina charcuterie.


The competence in the production of certified charcuterie, typical of the Menatti group, allowed us to obtain significant acknowledgements:
  • IFS (International Food Standard), a food safety program;
  • "Bresaola della Valtellina IGP" product certification;
  • Collaborations with the A.I.C. (Associazione Italiana Celiachia), our products are all gluten free and present in the Reference Book.

Our company

Producers of cured meats in Valtellina

The quality of our products, the notoriety of our brand, and our commercial professionalism characterize Salumificio Menatti Srl. Not only the use of selected meat, directly purchased on both the national and international market, but also a special care in the processing and production of the Valtellina cured meat, enable us to offer to our customers a wide range of products with an exclusive and exquisite flavor. Today like yesterday, Salumificio Menatti Srl aims at producing and selling Valtellina charcuterie that satisfies the current and future market demand.

From the refined Bresaola della Valtellina, processed according to the instructions of the Consortium for the protection of the IGP certified on, to the cooked and cured hams, Speck, Salami, Pancetta, Coppa, Mortadella, and an array of freshly cut meat, the result of the constant search for a quality product and of the presentation of the final picture.

During the years, Salumificio Menatti Srl has made significant improvements in quality and safety, adjusting to the requirements of our modern lifestyle. It has also increased the production of deli meat, opening, in addition to the facility in Piantedo (SO), a second plant purchased in 1986: the Prosciuttificio Cerreto Srl in Felino (PR), renowned for the production of Prosciutto Crudo (Cured ham).

Bresaole di qualità in Valtellina Produttori di Bresaola di prima qualità in Valtellina
Produttori di bresaole di qualità in Valtellina Bresaole di qualità in Valtellina
Spaccio Menatti in Valtellina a Piantedo

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