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Menatti Cooked Ham

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Cooked Ham

The Prosciutto Cotto Menatti is made of selected pork legs, deboned anddelicately seasoned. The following phases are the churning, the pressing in molds, and the traditional steam cooking. The churning phase allows an even absorption of brine and flavors. Then, the hams are placed in special molds to give the product the characteristic shape of a pressed pear. The next phase is the steam cooking, followed by cooling and packing. Obtained from various cuts of pork meat according to the relevant quality category, the Prosciutto Cotto Menatti is made without using or adding polyphosphates, milk byproducts, sources of gluten and glutamate. Tender, sweet and velvety, its slices have a pink color, with the fat tending to white. Its aroma is delicate and its flavor is sweet and tasty. The Prosciutto Cotto Menatti family offers various qualities and sizes of different shapes, all made from selected pork legs.

  • 100% meat from selected farms
  • Gluten-free
  • No milk byproducts
  • No glutamate added
  • No polyphospates added